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Sal Cresci
Sal Cresci

I so agree with you. Where I see the error in this perception is not in the labeling of a job, a title, or position, but identification with the label. This pushes me out of the way, and what is left is the Mask. I believe we mistakingly do this because this is where we put our valued. We have learned to put value in success and achievement. It is a substitute for personal or self value, love.
I believe we are on our way, to rising to this level of consciousness, but we still have work to do.
Your actions pave the way for others to claim their value and own it. As silly as it sounds, this is the next level of consciousness. It really starts with me. Learning to love me, gives others around me permission to do the same.
If we want to see more self love, we have to practice non violence. Non judgment. For judgment of others, is a type of violence that doesn’t give others to show up in life as Who They are.


Happy paddling…or rowing! 🙂 Very good points.