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You are full of optimism, innovation, and ingenuity; you will soar!

Sal Cresci
Sal Cresci

Hi Everyone,

I believe this blog speaks to the transitional changes in consciousness that are occurring in the world around us. When I look back, worker bees were revered, and had a high standing in our culture. Like all life it is always changing as we change. I don’t believe the old dynamic could be looked at, in terms of good or bad, right or wrong. It was a playing field that brought us to this point.

I believe the difficulties we are face as artist, or creators of our life, is the fact we have never been here before. We have been so lost in survival mode for so long, that creating a life that is congruent with the individual has not really been an option, until now.

I feel the difficulty is not having a road map in showing up for yourself and in life, from this higher perspective. This is an inherent challenge in the paradigm shift we are facing, so the artist is being called on to pave the way and bring the blueprint for success for those to come.

I also believe the challenges we face are just opportunities to bring out the best in us. Who said this life was about easy. You can’t find out who you really are in Easy. Being sheep and going with the flow is how we got here. Trudging the road, or being a pathfinder, is one side of being Unstoppable.

So let’s create and embrace these challenges. They are not ours alone. They belong to the collective consciousness.

Your service is greatly appreciated.