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4 Comments on "Three Valuable Lessons in Letting Go"

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“…I can’t save anyone from the lessons that are theirs to learn in life. All I can do is offer my support and not take it personally if they don’t want it.”

Wow…very profound wisdom.

Sal Cresci
Sal Cresci

Hi There,
What came to mind when reading your blog was a quote I heard somewhere along the way in life. “Live and Let Live.” So easy to say but difficult to put into practice. Living to your highest potential takes a higher level of personal responsibility. One we are not trained to do. We are taught to be victims and allow life to blow us in the direction it wants.
True surrender and letting go allows you to create your life from the inside out and not the other way around. The biggest part of living is letting go of what no longer serves your highest and best good.