Salina Christaria

About me

Hi there!  I’m Salina Christaria and I’m passionate about encouraging others in the pursuit of their full potential, because . . . you matter and your dreams matter!

My passion was born out of my own challenges with debilitating illness, chronic pain, destructive relationships and seemingly impossible situations. There were times when I thought my circumstances would destroy me. Instead, I came to a deep knowing.

I came to understand that a strong wind really does makes a strong tree. As a result, I finally stopped viewing the trials life brings as hindrances to my success. Instead, I began to see them as absolutely essential to making me unstoppable!  

The journey is sometimes painful, but I have learned to trust that even pain is meant for my good. In fact, it is one of the best motivators I know. It isn’t fun, but it often gets the job done.

I have also learned to accept those things about my past that I once regretted. Now, I see they were journeys that I had to go on to get to where I am and who I am today. They taught me important truths I could not have learned any other way.  

More than anything, I have learned the vital importance of putting my trust in Jesus Christ – the very anchor of my hope. His tenacious love for me has convinced me that each one of us was created to do more than just survive. We were created to thrive!

It’s easy to give up on your dreams, but I don’t want you to do that. I want you to be unstoppable in the pursuit of your full potential. I hope you want that for yourself, too, because you absolutely deserve it!

But first, you may want to read How I Learned to be Unstoppable. Otherwise, you might think I’m a fraud. Of course, after you read it, who knows what you will think! 

For a look at my serious side, check out High Altitude Contemplation of Community.

To sample my sense of humor, try Four Lessons on How Not to Evade the Police.

If you want a peek into my formative years, In Celebration of My Feminine Side will explain a lot. But, believe me, there is still plenty that can’t be explained.

If it’s an exposé of my faults that you’re interested in, check out Therapeutic Pizza for Perfectionist Control Freaks.

I hope these offerings give you an idea of who I am and whether you will feel comfortable hanging out here with me.

About my blog

My blog is a place where I offer inspiration, insight and encouragement in the pursuit of one’s full potential. It is a place where I view challenges as opportunities, and failures as successful learning experiences. It is also a place of humor and hope, since laughter and the promise of tomorrow are often exactly what we need to fuel us forward.

I typically write one blog post per week. If you don’t want to miss a post, you can subscribe to my email list and get them delivered directly to your inbox. When you subscribe you’ll also receive the book, 10 Keys to Being Unstoppable: Unlock the Secrets to Achieving Your Full Potential. It’s a quick 1-hour read sure to put you in the driver’s seat of your own life!

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The Backstory of Why I Started this Blog

If you resonate with anything you read on this blog, or even disagree, I truly hope you will join the conversation. You can access the comments section by clicking on the number next to the speech bubble under each blog title. I don’t want this to be a one-sided conversation, so I hope you’ll feel free to be yourself and share your own special wisdom and insight with the Be Unstoppable community.

About my writing career

I began writing stories and poems as soon as I was old enough to stop eating crayons. A few years later, when my parents entrusted me with an old typewriter they had lying around, my career began to really take off. Plunking away on the keys of that manual Smith-Corona, I tirelessly created my own newspaper. It didn’t have a wide distribution, though. Copy machines hadn’t been invented yet.

I persevered in my journalism career by becoming a paper carrier for the Bozeman Daily Chronicle in the 1970’s. Later, I wrote for the university newspaper, the MSU Exponent. However, it was short-lived after I got into a fight with the editor over a critical issue of semantics.

Although my Bachelor’s Degree isn’t in Journalism, or even English, I am comforted by the fact that as least it’s in Communication. It’s always nice when you discover those four years and thousands of dollars weren’t a complete waste. They weren’t, either. I learned lots of good stuff there. Stuff like . . . how I don’t take too kindly to editors slaughtering my work.

Since then, I worked as a Communications Editor for six years, and have used my technical writing skills in the engineering and manufacturing fields for over twenty years. My real passion, though, is writing what I want to write. That’s way more fun!

About my big break and my current big project

After several rejections, I finally sold my first freelance piece for actual money in 1998. They gave me a whopping $100. They also made it the cover story for their international publication, designing an entire issue around it. I was thrilled, of course! Yet, after calculating the hourly wage that came from that small payout, I decided to keep my day job.

Since then, I went on to sell several non-fiction articles to other magazines, and even had a stint as a regular contributor. It didn’t last long, though. In fact, I quit when they started assigning topics that didn’t interest me. I think it was something about how the brain is involved in playing basketball that was the final straw.

Obviously, I am one of those writers who doesn’t like being told what to write. Since I have learned to accept this about myself, I decided to do what all writers do when they find themselves in that situation. They either start a blog or write an entire book full of whatever they want. For some crazy reason, I decided to do both.

You can get a free copy of my 44-page mini-book 10 Keys to Being Unstoppable by becoming a subscriber. It’s a quick 1-hour read sure to fuel you forward in the pursuit of your dreams!

The much larger book project in process is my personal story of spending 30 years searching for a quick fix to my health problems, but finding instead a completely transformed life. Through insights gleaned from my journey, the reader is invited to investigate the roots of their own emotional or physical dis-ease and to courageously pursue the life they long to enjoy.